"Brian is entitled to take primary responsibility for the remarkable growth and success of Meadows range of products, with the result that mushrooms are now the third largest vegetable in value terms..." - Philip Burdon, Chairman, Meadow Mushrooms.

"I have watched Brian apply classic marketing disciplines with good effect. He is a skilled manager who conducts himself in his relationships with industry to a high professional standard." Dr Hans Maurer, Executive Director, The AgriChain Centre.

"Brian has an excellent rapport with members of the New Zealand Guild of Food Writers and a great understanding of the Hospitality Industry in this country. He has successfully and enthusiastically used these skills in well targeted and effective advertising & marketing campaigns to these groups." - Pip Duncan, Food Writer, Dietician, Editor.

"Brian brings a breadth of understanding of the Food Service industry, from small operations to large multi-nationals. Not your stereotypical adman, more of a people-count person." - Hugh Wall, Senior Academic, School of Food & Hospitality, CPIT.

"I have always found Neil and his team to be extremely professional in their approach to their client’s work...CoOrdination, due to their professional attitude towards advertising, always seem to be able to get the best possible result from myself and my team here at Orly." - Ross Beck, Film Director/Lighting Cameraman, Orly Productions

"Service and follow-up are the keynote to our valued business relationship... Neils unprompted, ad-hoc value added tips, information, advice and recommendations have been very much appreciated. Many of those recommendations have proved advantageous to our business both in a competitive sense and most importantly in contributing to our bottom line." Barry T. Knight M.I.P.C. C.I.P.C. Managing Director, Knight Consulting Group Limited.

"We were not interested in an agency that bombarded us with jargon and fancy graphs as palliatives to heavy and nebulous charges. With Mr. Bruce we know exactly what he is doing and we know exactly where we stand; he involves us - he does not usurp or seek to confuse." - Patrick O'Sullivan, General Manager, Southern Blues Limited.