What Juice Does Best

Brainstorm Strategy - Creating campaigns that work.
Thinking outside the square, JUICE will come up with ideas that can be turned into the reality you need, be it - a sensational new product release - increased sales - greater brand awareness - raised bottom-line profit margins or any combination of these.

New Product Launch - Create impact, gain product awareness, product trial reaction, refine marketing processes and motivate repeat purchases.

Reinvigorate a Brand - We undertake market research, including consumer focus groups, to drive strategic direction and give real meaning to your brand in the market place.

Design & Execute Creative that works - Be it print, radio or television. JUICE will develop creative for the task, from the practical to the stunning and unbelievable, and all pitched to where your market responds.

Develop, Design and Produce - A full range of company and product brochures, point-of-sale material, letterheads, logos, branding, websites, marketing DVDs, Direct Mail.

Media Placement - JUICE has the contacts and affiliated accreditation to source the best media buying opportunities available for your benefit.